• Home Upgrades that Cater to the Demographics and Trends of Your Area

    Some housing fixtures appeal to certain demographics. Others are considered trendy by a certain group of people. For instance, millennials prefer homes with smart technology. This technology includes keyless entry and high-end Wi-Fi. Older buyers, on the other hand, prefer homes that provide greater accessibility and convenience. Luckily, there are many home upgrade options that you can consider depending on your location and the price point. Here are some of them. 

    Accessible Laundry Room 

    Most people do not prefer going upstairs to do the laundry. Therefore, most people want to have the washing machine and dryer on the ground floor and not in the garage or basement. If you are building a home or upgrading it, consider having a laundry room on the main floor. Make sure that you can easily access the laundry room from the master bedroom. Also, ensure that it can be accessed from the hallway. This is a major trend that’s being witnessed today in the construction industry. 

    Turning the Shower into a Walk-In 

    Having a tub and a shower stall in the master bathroom is desirable and essential. However, some people are comfortable with having a shower only in their master bath. A bathroom is considered a full bath if it features a full-size tub. 

    Many builders do not include a tub in a master bathroom. And when they install a tub, it’s usually a freestanding tub. 

    Smart Thermostat Installation 

    A programmable thermostat is a common trend when it comes to home construction and ownership. It’s among the energy management systems and appliances whose appeal is spreading very fast. The installation of a smart thermostat can lower the energy consumption of a home depending on the latest prices of electricity or gas. A modern appliance can also enable the homeowner to turn the furnace on or off away from home. 

    Whether you’re building or renovating your home, consider home upgrades that cater to the demographics and trends of your area. That way, you will be more comfortable living in your home. You will also stand a higher chance of selling your house faster and at a higher price. …